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Book of Mormon

Nancy Hallewell

1 2
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        8 9
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4.The wicked king who gets burned by his priests
7.Bearing one anothers burdens is part of what covenant?
10.The man with the great plan to help Limhi's people escape
12.What is called an enemy to God
14.The Book of Mormon is another testiment of who?
17.Who is the famous anti-Christ of the Book of Mormon?
18.Jacob 5 teaches us about the allegory of what tree?
19.The Jaredite barges were built 'tight like unto a ______.'
1.The righteous king in Zarahemla, who preaches from a tower
2.Who was poisoned by degrees
3.What was Nephi told to build
5.A woman converted to Christ from an experience of her father's
6.The last Nephite king before the reign of the judges
8.Name of the wicked priest put in charge of Alma's people
9.Who came first Abinadi or King Benjamin?
11.Have you received his image in your______________?
13.If all men were like unto this man the very powers of Satan would be stopped.
15.Another word for prophet and revelator
16.We are warned of this many times in the Book of Mormon

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