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Windows 7 Intro

Christine McDonell

Windows 7 Intro terms.

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6.A technique employed by the windows 7 search feature that matches your search criteria to part of a word or phrase.
7.A collection of items, such as files and folders, assembled from various locations.
8.Turning off your computer in a manner that automatically saves your work, stops the fan, and uses a small amount of electrical power.
9.The data that discribes other data; the collective group of file's properties, such as its title, subject, auther and file size.
10.A web site that displays news, content, and links that are of interest to a specific audience.
11.Small text files that web sites put on your computer to store information about you and your preferences.
13.A specific portion - a slice - of a web page.
15.A term used to refer collectively to the parts of your computer CPU, memory, and any attatched devices such as a printer.
19.A list of digital media items that you create and save.
20.A folder that stores anything that you delete.
21.Software that sends information about your web surfing habits to a web site without your knowledge.
1.The acronym for Uniform Resource Locator.
2.Desktop icons that link to any item accessible on your computer or on a network.
3.Text that specifies the conditions that identify the specific files you are looking for in a search.
4.The process of maintaing digital media files on your portable device based on specific rules.
5.Serves as a surgace for your work, like the top of an actual desk.
12.Useful information that displays in a small box on the screen when you perform various mouse actions.
13.A lookup method in which each new character that you type into the search box further refines the search.
14.The term from which blog is derived; an online hournal or column used to publish personal or company information in an informal manner.
16.The term used for an image of the contents of a computer screen.
17.Another term for the desktop background.
18.Another name for an RSS feed.
19.A set of instructions that a computer uses to accomplish a task.

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