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E McCormick

2 3            
4 5                         6  
8                   9                
  10 11                     12
13                   14 15                  
      16                       17  
  20                     21      
    22         23
25         26        

3.The Bank of.......... The Government's banker
4.Institution where shares are traded
8.A bank involved in the clearing system
9.Measured by the Retail Price Index and controlled by B of E interest rates
11.Offered by the Government with a fixed interest rate
13.Short term or overnight facility between banks
15.A secure, fixed rate investment (4,5)
16.The name given to investors such as: pension funds, insurance companies and unit trusts
18.Short term financial assets that can be converted into cash by selling them on the discount market
20.The return on savings accounts
21.A consideration for a high return
22.A rate of interest which does not change
24.The person/bank which loans money to someone to buy a house
25.A rate of interest which changes
27.Issued by a bank or building society certifying a certain sum invested (abbrev)
28.A large interest bearing deposit of at least £50,000. Interest rate negotiated
29.What you get back for taking a risk
30.A bank which does not take part in the clearing system
31.An agent for an investor
1.A form of guarantee against a loan
2.To make sure the bank and the cash book agree
5.End point of the investment
6.Another word for changing an asset into cash
7.A physically secure place for cash
10.How sure you are of the return
12.Term for the relationship when bank must act in utmost good faith
13.A type of business which often has large sums to invest
14.Banks which operate a money transmission service.
17.Measure of how quickly the asset can be converted into cash
19.Name of the department responsible for investing spare funds
23.Suitable for short term financing
25.Source of long term finance often equity
26.Issued by local authorities with fixed interest

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