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Till We Have Faces (by C.S Lewis)

S. Ritchie (kepnock004@lavabit.com)

Have you read C.S Lewis' novel "Till We Have Faces"?

If so, try this crossword puzzle about it.

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1.Finish this sentence: "You also shall be..."
2.Psyche's other name
5.Narrator of "Till We Have Faces"
7."The two temple girls... gave me a... drug... Soon after I had swallowed it everything went..." Went what?
9.Finish this sentence: "We have made little use of the Fox's teaching if we're to be scared by..."
11.Official divinity of land of Glome
1.The narrator and Psyche are both...
3.Narrator's Greek tutor
4.Narrator's soldier and later adviser
6.Fill in the missing word: "Nature knows [...] of these names."
8.The straps of Psyche's sandals are red with what?
10.Name the Eunuch

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