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General Bible Knowledge

Michelle Metcalfe

Can you work out the place names to complete the crossword?

1 2
  4 5  
6             7          
11         12          

3.The town where Jesus grew up
6.This city in Turkey had 2 ampitheatres, one was for killing Christians
7.The mountain where Noah's Ark came to rest
8.The town where Jesus was born
9.The Apostle Paul was shipwrecked on this Island
10.The city Timothy was from
11.The tower that Jehovah did not want to be built
12.Where Moses ran away to when he killed an Egyptian
13.Dinah got into trouble here
1.The capital city of the nation of Israel
2.The Israelites were slaves in this country
4.The land Jehovah promised to the Israelites (The ......Land)
5.The city Abraham and Sarah had to leave
8.Nebuchadnezzar ruled this world empire

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