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Liz McCormick

Definitions for variance analysis

1 2
  3       4              
6             7    
9               10    
12             13                    
15 16                      
  17               18          

3.Amount a product provides towrds fixed costs
5.Type of standard which is motivating
6.Not enough of something
9.Variance which is due to controllable factors or decisions
12.Type of standard based on existing levels of performance
13.Fixed overhead variance usually calculated first
16.Fixed Overhead variance measuring actual vs budgeted hours
17.Expectation at the outset
18.Concise document for managers
19.Variation as a result of the short term cyclical nature of the sales
1......... regression analysis to determine the relationship between two variables
2.One factor causing more than one variance
4.Materials variance measuring price
6.The expected level
7.How well or badly resources are used
8.Good news
10.Non productive hours (4-4)
11.Bad news
14.Type of costing which uses contribution
15.Variance as a result of intial standards

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