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Brianne Ramirez

1 2 3 4               5    
6               7   8    
            11   12
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18         19
22                 23                      

4.official authoritative teaching voice of the church
6.authors of the four gospels
9.ordinary people that made extraordinary choices to put their faith into action
13.passing on of apostolic preatching and authority from the apostles directly to all bishops. (2 Words)
15.not part of the canon
17.sacred scripture and sacred tradition (3 Words)
20.to make holy
22.was written down in the scriptures, is handed down and lived out in the life of the church
23.members who rarely leave the monastery
24.a Latin phrase that literally means "from the chair" (2 Words)
25.a supernatural gift of God that makes us holy (2 Words)
1.someone who is not Jewish
2.guidance of the holy spirit to teach without error those truths neccessary for our salvation
3.popes statements are true and without error
5.relations with other world religions (2 Words)
7.human history that reveals gods presence and saving action (2 Words)
8.above the law of nature (2 Words)
10.gods self-disclosure to us
11.the movement to restore unity among all Christian churches and ultimately of all people throughout "the whole wide world
12.a deceased Catholics officially becoming a saint
14.list of books of the Bible officially reconized as sacred inspired writings (3 Words)
16.fathers of the jewish people
18.people who suffer death because of their faith
19.the study of God
21.a calling from God to fulfilled a particular purpose or mission in life

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