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Microsoft Access

Mrs. Easley

Your teacher will provide you with a Study Guide handout. Use the Study Guide to find the answers to this puzzle.

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1.A record is made up of one or more ____.
4.A ____ is a collection of objects that work together to store, retrieve, display and summarize data.
6.A DBMS is much faster, more _____, and more accurate than using file folders.
9.A field ____ contains the field name and is located at the top of each column.
13.A ____ stores all the data in the database.
14.A _____ displays data in a format intended for on-screen viewing or printing.
16.A ____ displays data in a format similar in appearance to a paper form.
17.In tables, a record appears as one _____.
2.A _____ is similar in appearance to an Excel worksheet, containing tows and columns.
3.A field is identified by its field ____, which is displayed at the top of the column.
5.The value entered into a field is called a field ____.
7.A complete set of data is called a ____.
8.A ____ is a question you ask the database.
10.Fields appear as _____.
11.A ____ selector appears to the left of each record.
12.A ____ allows you to store, retrieve, analyze, and print information. (Hint: the answer is four intials)
15.The Navigation ____ displays the objects contained in the database

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