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Trevon Martin

1 2 3
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10.a written notice to tell the bank not to cash that chek number
14.a personal chek for the bank to pay
15.a fee from the bank that handles your money
16.used-owned not for profit, cooperative financial instuition
1.used for ATM transactions
2.storage for your valubles
3.showing how two check balances are brought into agreement
4.Is written evidence that you recived your payment
5.to verify your own signature
6.checks that have not been deducted frome the bank statement
7.helps regulate banks and financial instuition
8.the most common way for banks to be organized
9.a seprate book not the same size as a check book
11.special form of check designed for wen you go to another state or country
12.a check that a bank draws on its own funds
13.a form of design making a payment that is in print

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