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The Roarin' 20's!

Ryan Nespodzany

Random aspects of the 1920's in crossword form!

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4.An establishment that sold alcohol illegally during the 20's.
5."Henry ______" created the Model T and was very successul in the 1920's.
6.A new type of music that was created during the 1920's thought to be the signature music for the time period.
9.The original movie theatres that cost only a NICKEL.
11."______ the cat" a feline cartoon character created during the 20's .
14.The substance banned during Prohibition due to its thought to harm children and cause many diseases.
16.A famous black musician nick-named "Satchmo".
17.The (last) name of the teacher who taught evolution in his class in Tennessee and was arrested for it.
18.Name for people who smuggled alcohol into the USA during Prohibition.
19.The most famous baseball player from the 1920's, hit 138 homeruns in one season. (2 Words)
1."______ Renaissance" is the name for the cultural development of African American literature and art.
2."Black ______" was the day when stock prices crashed on Wall Street leading into the Great Depression; October 29, 1929.
3."______ Crime" was created when alcohol was banned in order to smuggle it back into the country; involes a group of people.
7.Americans worked less hours and had higher salaries, which led to this.
8."Charles ______" was 25 when he became the first man to fly across the Atlantic Ocean.
10.A group who oringinally hated African Americans and then grew to hate Catholics, Jews, Immigrants, etc. during the 1920's when they were re-founded.
11.A name for a woman who had bobbed hair, went out at night by herself, etc.
12."Burning ______" was adopted as the new symbol for the KKK during the 1920's.
13.The most famous mob boss ever; rose to power in the 1920's (first and last name). (2 Words)
15.The Ninteeth Amendment gave "______" the right to vote; suffrage for "______".

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