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C Henry

Programming Concepts

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3.SUB, ADD and STO are examples of codes used in _________________ language
6.Second generation is a ___________level language
7.language code of the computer
9.A program written using binary system is ________________ for the programmer
10.An example of a high level language
12.translates short pieces of code into machine code
14.____program language uses English like statements that are easy for programmers to use
15.________________ is the program translated into machine code
1.translates all lines of high level language code to machine code
2._________ generation languages often use mnemonics
4.Mean that programs written in low level language can only be run on a particular machine
5.This generation of languages uses prompts and wizards
8.converts high level language codes to machine code one line at a time
11.Program written in high level or assembly language is called
13.__________ generation language is a non procedural language

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