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All the words have the letter X

Brian Hodge

Revision of targetted language already learnt and defined

2   3 4
    5 6          
12                   13
15 16           17    

5.not having sex organs
7.letters added to the end of a word to make a new word
10.a road that cars can travel quickly on.
11.to dismist or kick out of a school for bad behavior
12.to kill animals or insects or people so they no longer exist
15.a shape with 6 sides
19.the natural colour or look of the skin on your face
20.a rude word used when you are angry or in pain
1.a poisoous substance
2.a house that has been split into 2 separate land independant iving areas
3.a persin who has very strong religious or political opinions
4.an activity that uses a substance used to remove body hair
6.letters added to the end of a word to make a new word
8.a plant with long flat leaves from which linen and oil comes from
9.massage of the feet
13.the total amount of expenses that a company or business has
14.difficult to understand or deal with
16.to illegally get money of somebody by threatening them
17.a sytem of sending messages through the telephone network
18.to leave your country and live elsewhere because of political problems

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