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"Lunch with a Popular Black Personality"

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  10             11
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1.Joyful Rebellion, Toronto rapper
5.1993 Nobel Peace Prize recipient, South African leader
6.Canadian boxing hall of fame inductee, broadcaster and activist Charles Jones
8.Yuca, typically called in the Caribbean
10.Largest African culture celebration hosted annually in Trinidad
14.Gourd grown for use as a bottle or container
15.Typical black cake ingredient
16.Broke the colour barrier, drafted by the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1947
17.Legendary Montreal jazz musician Oscar Peterson, instrument
18.Caribbean noodle dish of Chinese origin
20.Greatest Brazilian footballer of all time, perhaps
21.Black Canadian NHL player, captain of the Calgary Flames
2.First Black US president
3.Often a breakfast food paired with ackee
4.Autobiography of Malcolm X and Roots author
7.Like a banana, found in the West Indies
9.Large green starchy fruit native to Tahiti, introduced to the Caribbean in 1793
11.The Book of Negroes author, Canadian
12.Greatest track star in Canadian history
13.Not a bird, a fish - Popular dish in Barbados
19.Activist, Little or X

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