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"Revelation - How we Know God"

Aaron Terrile

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1._____ tradition is the passing of beliefs, laws
6.annointed one
9.bible uses literary types and devices in order to tell more important
11.basic beliefs (a.k.a "dogma")
13.contains jesus's messages as taught by the apostles, the second section of the writings
15.pass these beliefs, laws, customs and ideas in writing
16.truth _____ of the bible is Gods guidance of the bibles authors to record the truths of revelation
17.before the common era
20.bring together, resolve differences
21.the books officially accepted as part of the bible
22.unlike doctrine, _____ can change
23.when a teaching is not under the infallibility rule, it is called ordinary _____
24.contain the fundamental truths _____ scripture
25.1st five books of all bibles
26.learning and studying religion
2.have an understanding of words that is limited to their strict, exact literalism
3.some preach anti - _____ which involves prejudice or discrimination against jews
4.Gods revelation in jesus, taught by apostles
5.One way Gods truth is channeled to us
6.another complementary way God's truth is channeled to us
7.catholic church's higest teaching authority
8.catholic doctrines are found on scripture and _____ tradition
10.Sacred _____ is the process by which god inspired people to pass on the truths of revelation
11.the process of Gods self-communication
12."Good News"
14.the church then passes a
18.organized religious group
19.to follow Gods ways

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