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Chapter 6 Ettiquette/Dress

Nashelle Hague

1 2                 3
  4                 5 6
  7 8      
9                   10      
    15   16                
19                                   20
21 22             23       24      
25                         26        

2.a standard of social behavior
4.conveys confidence
9.how you look
12.it is not acceptable to wear this type of clothing
13.Body art, piercing, and body rings/jewelry can be _____ to some individuals
14.do not do this with food in your mouth
16.When you realize you have done something hurfult do this immediately
19.Majority of impressions are made through.......
21.during dining, as soon as your seated, place this in your lap
23.exercising manners, respect, and consideration towards others
25.clothes that are primarily worn only to work and work related functions
26.______ before entering an office
28.shoes should be in this condition
29.what should be tucked in
1.What kind of language is does not belong in the workplace
3.having the attitude of an executive
5.on both mobile and land-line phones, keep this professional
6.this is the key to carrying on a successful conversation
7.daily function of business is and keeping these
8.favorite, youngest classmate :)
10.these are placed in order of necessity, dining
11.these types of devices should not be heard or seen in public
15.workdays when campanies relax the dress code policy
17.doing this while talking on the phone creates a friendly tone
18.an organization's policy regarding appropriate workplace attire
20.holding someone in high regard
22.refrain from or limit the consumption of this
24.Make a habit of _____ individuals either in writing or verbally
27.shave your facial ____, including nose and ear ____ (same word for both blanks)

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