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Ash Customs 1

Ashleigh Turley

Customs generic crossword

1                   2 3 4
6 7                    
  8         9          
10         11               12  
15   16                   17
19                 20    

1.FOB (4,2,5)
7.Expelled from a country (8)
8.Section G (11)
10.A person seeking refuge in a new country (6,7)
14.Characteristics of a language, usually casual (12)
16.Section F (11)
18.A bill not paid by the assigned date (7)
19.Unterschrift (9)
20.MwStr (3)
2.Zollfreiemenge (4,4,9)
3.Stop (5)
4.small package (6)
5.The art or science of good eating (10)
6.To go along with a set of rules (6)
9.The occupation or industry of building (12)
10.To put an end to (7)
11.A person who likes to do things carefully and in detail (10)
12.The person liable for payment of the customs debt (9)
13.Illegal alcohol (9)
15.To avoid something (often taxes) (7)
17.Top exporting country in Europe (7)

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