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VCAA Glossary


We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us.

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6.Ways of ensuring a solution operates as intended. (2 Words)
8.The combination of people, procedures, equipment and data that process data and information. (2 Words)
9.Factors that contribute to the functionality and appearance of solutions. (2 Words)
10.A seven-layer network protocol. (4 Words)
11.A process of using software tools to select and access data from large repositories and present the data as effective graphics. (2 Words)
13.Types of transmission media (4 Words)
15.A statement that contains an outline of a situation, context, problem, need or an opportunity, any conditions that apply to (2 Words)
16.A service provided by large Internet-based, specialised data centres that offers offsite storage, processing and computer resources to individuals and organisations. (2 Words)
17.Methods for representing the functionality and appearance of solutions. (2 Words)
18.A category of software that enables users to create multimedia and web solutions without the need to write programming code. (2 Words)
19.A measure of how little time, cost and/or effort is applied in order to achieve intended results.
21.Equipment used to assist in the protection of information systems. (3 Words)
22.Accepted ways of behaving on websites that support communication. (3 Words)
1.A systematic way of solving information problems. (2 Words)
2.A comprehensive description of the intended purpose and environment for purpose-designed software solutions. (3 Words)
3.Actions, devices and events that threaten the integrity and security of data and information stored within, and communicated between, information systems. (2 Words)
4.Software and procedures used to assist in the protection of information systems. (3 Words)
5.Software tools that allow students to clarify thoughts and to identify patterns and form relationships between sets of data and information. (3 Words)
7.Ways in which information should be treated and organised within onscreen solutions. (2 Words)
12.Legal obligations that individuals and organisations have with respect to the ownership and privacy of information, and freedom of expression. (2 Words)
14.A measure of how well something works, such as a solution, a file and information management strategy and a network, that is, the extent to which it achieves its intended results.
20.A method of producing required information through the application of technology (hardware and software) and techniques.

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