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Destination... Black History Month!

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4.Martinique, St. Kitts, Saint Lucia, are islands situated in this "Lesser" region
5.Rosemary Brown, first Black woman to run for leadership of a federal party. Born where?
9.West Indian nation that became independent in 1966 and whose flag depicts a trident
10.Native peoples after whom the Caribbean is named
12.African country off east coast of Africa
13.The Nile
14.Plantation crop that motivated centuries of slavery trading to the Caribbean
16.Born into slavery, this woman became Canada's first female police office
17.The North American Convention of Colored Freeman met at St. Lawrence Hall in 1851 in this Canadian city
1.Highest point on the African continent
2.Transatlantic slave trade system used to carry slaves and manufactured goods between West Africa, the Caribbean and the Americas
3.Most populous country in Africa
6.Capital of Dominica
7.Largest lake in Africa and world's second largest freshwater lake
8.Awarded Order of Ontario in 1992 and was Canada's first Black Member of Parliament
11.Former Governor General of Canada Michaëlle Jean hails from this ravaged nation
14.Largest African country, in area
15.First Black owned and published newspaper in the province of Nova Scotia, founded by Carrie Best in 1946

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