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CHCCS211A: Prepare for work

Sandra Boulding

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1.Clients should always be treated with _______
4.These are questions which can only be answered with a yes or a no
9.Many resources and sources of information can be found by organisation and government agencies websites on the ________
12.Both employers and employees have legal and _____ obligations
13.Legislation is intended to make sure that workplaces are free from unlawful ______________ and harassment.
14.This is a visual check list that lists tasks in order of importance and helps to organize the mind ready for activity
15.Most positions in community services will require specific ______________
16.The philosophical ideals and behaviours that are in agreement with accepted principals or rules for right conduct
18.Additional _______ may be available in the workplace.
20.Both employers and employees have rights and ______
22.Duty of care is a _______ obligation.
23.Community service workers should understand the ______ and philosophy of the sector in which they work.
25.Each workplace will have _________ regarding dress and behaviour
26.The _________ within a team gives access to a wide range of ideas, thinking styles and perceptions from which to draw from when solving problems.
27.These types of questions usually draw a more detailed answer
2.In order to complete all tasks it may be necessary __________ the tasks.
3.Community services are provided by ________ and private providers.
5.Service workers have an obligation to be objective and ___-___________
6.There are four key industry _______ within community services
7.Government agencies and industry organisations can provide ________
8.To work effectively in a community service role it is necessary to have some understanding of _______ _______ affecting the particular community service sector in which you work.
10.Community services workers should constantly self-monitor and assess their work to identify any ______ gaps
11.Community service workers should demonstrate respect for the client's ________ diversity.
17.The cultural expectations of people, their beliefs and _________ shape the way in which people interact with the world.
19.To complete daily, weekly and longer term tasks it is necessary to ________ and plan.
21.Community service workers should demonstrate a commitment to access and ______ principles in the sector in which they work
24.Time Management is ____ management

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