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Stuart Gedal

1 2 3            
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    8       9   10

3.Original name for a multi-media file that you can download.
4.A person, usually a music or movie star, who becomes extremely popular very quickly.
11.Controls or operates a machine but is not on the machine itself.
12.Clear; you can see right through it!
13.The characteristic of something that you cannot see.
14.You can't live without this.
15.You don't need this at all.
16.A central heating system can be ____________________ by turning the thermostat up or down from a cell phone.
1.A special event or a special quality.
2.The first working model of an invention.
3.A scientist who studies the laws of motion and of physical things in the univere is a _______________.
5.Motion that continues and never stops is said to be ____________________.
6.Knowing about events before they even happen.
7.A fabric made by humans that bends light rays and could possibly make things invisible.
8.Moving from place to place instantly by being broken into particles.
9.Imagined; something that exists in theory: it may or may not be a reality!
10.To communicate directly with another person (from mind to mind) without speaking or body signals.

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