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All About Pregnancy

1 2
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3.a period of time that can take up to 48 hours
4.many women prefer this method of birth (2 Words)
7.WOW! That's a big baby (2 Words)
8.what every one yells
10.the exercise you do to strengthen your muscles
12.what many women get to ease the tension of labor
18.what should occur within hours of delivery to make sure everything is okay (2 Words)
19.the belly gets big, but this gets flat
22.weird eating habits
25.you can rub this on your belly (2 Words)
26.what many women dread to do while pregnant (2 Words)
27.period of time you are to wait before making baby # 2 (2 Words)
29.when the babies feet come out first
31.this goes good with pickles (2 Words)
1.the baby when they come out
2.this period of pregnancy is the hardest (2 Words)
5.when it is safe to take the baby if complications arise (2 Words)
6.what comes out first
9.what all women like to do while pregnant
11.when you carry the baby for 40 weeks (2 Words)
13.the spreading of the cervix is called this
14.what every mother worries about getting (2 Words)
15.this is the best exercise to do while pregnant
16.this can bring strech marks
17.what helps the baby come
18.all this blue
20.what you put on the baby
21.what many doctors recommend (2 Words)
23.when twins come out conjoined
24.what every parent fears
28.all things pink
30.this can also be what women like to do while pregnant

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