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The Bible: Words Of Gold

Ethan J. Sullivan

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2.What Babylonian name was assined to Daniel? Daniel 1:7
7.The great- grandfather of Israel's second king- Matthew 1:5
8.We are to forgive,_______ _____ _____ Mathew 18:22
10.What was the name of the man who disobediently buried treasures in his tent? Joshua 7:24
11.What was the laver for the priests to wash made of? Exodus 30:18
14.Rahab's husband- Matthew 1:5
16.The twelve spies brought back grapes,____________ and figs. Numbers 13:23
17.The home land of Job- Job 1:1
21.Thy___ ___ ___ _____ they comfort me. Psalms 23:4
24.Abednego's Jewish name was what? Daniel 1:7
25.The home city of Lydia- Acts 16:14
27.Who was the keeper of the women in Ahasuerus' court? Esther 2:15
28.What was the name of the Priest that gave David Goliath's sword? 1 Samuel 20:1
1.How long after Jacob married Leah, did he marry Rachel? Genesis 29:27-28
3.The eigth commandment- Exodus 20:15
4.What was Joseph's Egyptian name? Genesis 41:45
5.What was the name of the priest that escaped Saul's mass killing? 1 Samuel 23:20
6.The eigth fruit of the Spirit- Galatians 5:22-23
9.What was the least number of people Abraham bargained with the Lord to save Sodom for? Genesis 18:22
12.How many children did Hannah have in all? 1 Samuel 2:21
13.Who many wives did Solomon have? 1 Kings 11:3
15.What did the manna tast like? Exodus 16:31
18.What was the Jewish name of Meshach? Daniel 1:7
19.What did two mites equal? Mark 12:42
20.What was Shadrach's Jewish name? Daniel 1:7
22.How many times was Paul beaten with rods? 2 Colossians 11:23
23.How many times was Paul shipwrecked? 2 Colossians 11:23
26.How many times was Paul wipped? 2 Colossians 11:23

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