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CCL Chapter Five

Louis Barba


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1.Jurisdiction over the type of case or claim is called ________ matter jurisdiction.
4.Proper jurisdiction in more than one court, such as federal and state court.
7.Portion of the pleading containing relief sought.
9.The point in time of an occurrence is termed ______.
10.Jurisdiction based on diversity of citizenship is called _________ jurisdiction.
11.Facts which under substantive law constitute a right to recovery are called _____ of action.
12.Issues of federal law justifying federal jurisdiction are _______ questions.
2.Amount in dispute, measured for jurisdictional purposes by the prayer in the complaint or cross complaint is the amount in ___________.
3.Pleading containing the allegations of the plaintiff against the defendant(s).
5.A type of jurisdiction limited to one court.
6.Incorporating more than one opposing party or cause in the same action is a _______.
8.Jurisdiction over the person is called ________ jurisdiction.
11.In state court, a claim by a defendant against any new or existing party; in federal court, a claim by a defendant against any new parties to the action is a _____-claim.

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