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Forms of Business

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4.people who put money into a new company are called________
7.companies owned by the state are called this
11.in this business each member has an equal say in how the business is run
12.a company formed when between 1 and 50 people put together money (3 Words)
13.a former state-sponsored company (2 Words)
14.an organisation formed by people who join together to achieve a particular objective
1.one of the documents required to form a private limited company (3 Words)
2.all the ___________ belong to the sole trader after tax
3.you will only loose the amount of money you invest (2 Words)
5.shareholders receive this as a reward for their investment
6.when a company is sold by the state , this is called_______________
7.a person who runs their own business (2 Words)
8.most state-sponsored bodies are ______________
9.this form of business has unlimited liability (2 Words)
10.in this business each member has only one vote
13.all companies must hold this annually(abbreviation)

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