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CNN Start 1.5 :)

Benoit Daigle

1 2   3 4
    5 6   7
8         9              
    10     11  
12               13      
15 16                    
17 18                  
    21 22 23                  
24       25        
        26                 27
28                 29    
      30 31   32
33                   34     35    
36       37              

1.To become older.
8.Someone who gives some body parts.
9.Needs and desires fulfilled.
12.To be safe.
13.Combustion that causes heat and things to burn.
16.A small explosive.
17.A woman hero.
19.Those in charge of a country.
20.To be aware of danger.
23.A violent shaking of the ground.
24.To get smaller.
26.To receive a new body part from someone.
28.To learn or to be taught.
29.To wrap your arms around someone.
33.To notice something.
34.Your life long job.
36.Made of soil, covering the Earth.
38.To make better.
2.To get bigger.
3.To feel nervous or not relaxed.
4.To receive money for work.
5.A track for trains.
6.The sound a bell makes.
7.A big or small ripple in the water.
10.A choice.
11.Very Fast.
14.No doubt, 100%
15.Very happy.
18.To cost a lot of money.
20.To give permission.
21.Happy to help. To want to do something.
22.I want your ______________.
25.Very modern or technologically ____________________.
27.A gigantic, massive, enormous, deadly wave.
30.Someone who lives next to you.
31.To get or to be given something.
32.To go to different places.
35.I've had _____________.
36.A present.
37.Something you want or ________.

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