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Computers appliances

Lauren Ciconte

This puzzle is basically about computer appliances and computer input outputs things

1           2 3        
  4 5   6
9     10        
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    17         18    
  19   20    
      21   22      

1.You put the picture in and it come on the the screen
3.Need it for the internet connection
7.its a computer printer to print vector graphics
8.Random Access Memory
9...... this picture
11.when 2 systems meet and interact
13.we took a big ... into the apple not spelt like bite
14.sometimes it make take time to ....... something
16.at school i need a ...... for english
17.another word for happy but it together with stick?
22.we have to make a new ..... to start tthe program
23.its equipment connected to the CPU of a computer
24.......... camera
25.it goes with a keyboard
2.I ....... my voice
3.my computer has a big .......
4.read only memory
5.We conncet the to the computer for noise to come out
6.you need it to print
10.Bill Gates invented it
12...... disk its not straight
13.Its the smallest information the PC can handle
15.we use it to type thing
16.there is a ..... of me in the office
18.put data into a computer
19.visual art or computer graphics
20.supply data using a computer or any other devices
21.there are many type of ....... on my screen

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