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1 2 3
5             6       7     8      
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4.Something Wrong Chemically in the body/ from not enough nutrients, imbalance, or fatigue
5.This is where the Sternum and Clavicle come together
11.An injury to a ligament or joint
13.Test for ACL/PCL- where they lock foot and you pull and push and check for end points
14.Sprains to lateral ankle/ 90% of ankle sprains
16.Ligament outside the knee/ Side to side stability
18.Sprain of the deltoid ligaments on medial side of ankle/ 10% of ankle sprains
19.Test for MCL/LCL- where you place your hand on opposite side of injured area and open knee
22.An injury to a tendon or muscle
24.split apart muscle or tendon
25.Fully displaced ligament or joint
1.This is the main shoulder joint that joins the Humerus with the Glenoid cavity of the Scapula/ Where dislocation happens
2.Front to back stabilitiy/ 2nd Most often injured
3.Where inflammation and pain/ or Tennis Elbow happens
5.Partial Dislocation/ Partially displaced ligament or joint
6.Test for ACL- where you grasp knee top and bottom and snap knee for end point
7.This kind of injury slowly comes about, such as Tendonitis
8.This joint joins the Acromion process with the Clavicle/ Where separation happens
9.This ligament is involved in many thumb injuries/sprains & where they do "Tommy John" surgery for the elbow
10.Nerve endings that give us our balance
12.Inflammation and Partial Avulsion of Pateller tendon due to traction
15.Compression or Shearing injury/ Cartilage of the knee
17.pushing/ a force to a muscle or tendon
20.A reaction to an injury/ Natural offense
21.This kind of injury is a sudden onset, such as a Quad Contusion
23.Ligament inside the knee/ Side to side stability/ Most often injured

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