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Bahama Fun Facts Crossward

by Peter Luffel

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1.The national dish.
2.You have to be 18 in the Bahamas to do this.
7.The first name of the Bahama's Prime Minister.
10.There are over 420,000 _________ users in The Bahamas.
11.The Bahamas were ruled by ________ before they were independent.
14.The Bahamas were ruled by _________ before independence.
16.The fastest growing religion in the Bahamas is ________.
17.What country does The Bahamas get 4.6% of imports from.
18.The yellow on The Bahama's flag stands for_______.
1.The Bahamas' consultive ________ has 40 memebers.
3.The Yellow ______ is the Bahama's national tree.
4.The Bahamas have a __________ democracy.
5.Bahama's climate.
6._______ indians were the first humans to settle in the Bahamas.
8.Nassau is on this is land New ________.
9.The national anthem of he Bahamas is March on,_________.
12.One Bahamian dollar is equal to one ________ dollar.
13.The Capitol of all the Bahamas.
14.The Bahamas have white sandy _________.
15.One problem in The Bahamas is that it is a stop for illegal _______ traders.

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