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M Bouquet

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1.Taylor proposed that workers do not naturally enjoy what?
3.The basis of Maslow's theory of motivation is that human beings are motivated by unsatisfied -----.
6.Job enrichment is the process of improving work ---------
7.This is the characteristic that is required in order to achieve anything in life.
9.Happy worker will usually be more what?
10.A leadership style that takes account of the opinions of others.
11.Taylor put forward the idea that workers are motivated mainly by this.
12.These needs are those required to sustain life?
13.Taylors theory is called the Theory of what Management
16.Taylors approach would usually require this form of leadership style?
17.Demotivated people will have this level of productivity.
2.Job -------- involves the movement of employees through a range of jobs.
4.These needs are subsequent to the basic needs of individuals.
5.Taylor argued that workers are paid according to the number of items they ------- ?
6.These managers make decisions in best interests of workers after consultation
8.Maslow created this to show the order of needs to be satisfied.
13.These needs are those related to interaction with others.
14.How many levels of needs does Maslow identify.
15.Job enlargement means widening the range of these carried out by the employee?

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