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Unit 4 BCT Vocabulary

Camden Campe

1 2
7 8                          
  9           10            
12                 13              

3.When the text is lined to the left
4.When the text is block style, adding extra spaces if needed
6.The text that can be keyed at the top margin
7.Where you copy something and put the copy somewhere else
9.a way on the word document to check spelling
11.The way a line of text lines accross the page
12.Where the height is shorter than the width
13.Where the height is longer than the width
14.A way on the word document to format the text
15.Where you can find, replace, or select in a word document
1.Where you can take something out and put it somewhere alse
2.A way on the word document to check the grammar
3.The text that can be keyed at the bottom margin
5.When the text is ligned to the right
8.The way the paper is used (portrait of Landscape)
10.The blinking line on the screen

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