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Sudan's Issues

Haley Armentrout & Kaylee Mansell

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      6       7     8 9  
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3.most concentrate on raising cows and not even for slaughter
6._______ is a major issue in Sudan due to the lack of leadership in the country
13.became angry at Sudan's support of terrorists, isolated and bombed Khartoum
15.creates few jobs and revenues go directly to officials
16.100,000 people are starving to death; this is called ______
19.war between the Sudanese government and 2 rebel groups in _______, Sudan since 2003
1.____ al-Bashir, Sudan’s President, has been charged with 5 counts of war crimes
2.the International Criminal Court has issued an arrest warrant for Sudan's _________, Omar al-Bashir
3.his hospital was bombed 9 times
4.in Darfur, more than ___ million people have fled their homes
5.the devastation the ____ ___ ____ _____ has been so severe that the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum issued its first "genocide warning" for any nation beyond Europe
7._______ genocide claimed up to 60,000 lives
8.rose up against the government
9.is feasible, little sedentary agriculture is possible in the Sahara
10./ tens of _________ of black southerners have been kidnapped in raids by government soldiers and militias
11.the government forces and the ethnic militias, _________, have systematically attacked the Darfurian civilians
12.tens of _________ of black southerners have been kidnapped in raids by government soldiers and militias
14.often lead to crop failures and human and animal starvation
17.Sudan has been in war with ______ since 1956
18.provided few public services

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