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Jarell Adams

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4.Money in the bank: i.e., sufficient cash to pay your bills and payroll on time
7.A concise definition and description of your intended business and how you plan to about it.
10.Frequently asked questions.
11.An ownership interest in a business
12.Also know as "profit and loss statement". Shows income and expenses and resulting profit or loss over a specified period of time.
13.A unit of a business that can be compartmentalized financially such as an individual store in a chain.
1.A debt due in less than 12 months.
2.The overall process of evaluating a business opportunity including examination of financial records.
3.A written outline that evaluates all aspects of your business.
5.A simple method of projecting your future needs for cash.
6.Unique qualities that enables maintenance of profitable pricing.
8.A �point in time� snapshot listing all of your assets as well as your liabilities
9.One who organizes, operates and assumes the risk in a business.

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