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Work, Power, and Machines

ICP - Mr. Hobson

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5.input distance divided by output distance = ______ mechanical advantage
6.the distance between the output force and the fulcrum of a lever (2 Words)
10.a machine can change the _____ of the force
13.the SI unit of work
14.a machine can change the _____ of the force
16.The input work is always _____ than the output work
17.force x distance
18.to increase power, you can do a given amount of work in _____ time
20.what is the efficiency of a machine with a work input of 400J and a work output of 300J ?
21.a combination of two or more simple machines that work together (2 Words)
22.if the input force increases, then the input distance _______
24.a rigid bar that is free to move around a fixed point
25.a unit of force
26.a slanted surface along which a force moves an object to a different elevation (2 Words)
28.(work output / work input) x 100%
30.the SI unit of power
34.a machine that consists of two disks or cylinders, each with a different radius is a wheel and _____ machine
35.a seesaw is an example of a __________ lever
38.IMA (3 Words)
40.to increase power, you can _______ the amount of work done in a given time
41.how much power in watts is done when 4000J of work is performed over 20s?
46.AMA is always _____ than IMA
47.how many seconds are in 1.5 hours?
49.what is the work input of a machine with a work output of 500J and an efficiency of 80% ?
50.How much horsepower is needed to move a 8250N object 300m in 20s? (round your answer to the nearest one place)
1.AMA (3 Words)
2.the distance between the input force and the fulcrum of a lever (2 Words)
3.a _______ can make work easier to do
4.the SI unit of time
7.word divided by time
8.the number of times that a machine increases an input force (2 Words)
9.a unit of work
11.if the input force decreases, then the input distance ______
12.the ________ of the work input that becomes work output = efficiency
15.because of _____, the efficiency of any machine is always less than 100%
19.a wheelbarrow is an example of a ________lever
23.a simple machine that consists of a rope that fits into a groove in a wheel
27.a v-shaped object whose sides are two inclined planes sloped toward each other
29.output force divided by input force = ______ mechanical advantage
31.a broom is an example of a ________lever
32.a machine can change the ______ over which a force acts
33.the fixed point that a bar rotates around
36.force must be in the same _____ as the motion for work
37.if a machine increase the input force five times, then its mechanical advantage is ____
39.an inclined plane wrapped around a cylinder
42.1 hp = ______ watts
43.how many meters can an object be pushed when 20N of force is exerted with 6500J of work?
44.how much work is done to an object moving horizontally when a vertical force is applied
45.how many joules of work is done when a 50N force moves an object 5m?
48.what is the actual mechanical advantage of a machine with an output force of 800N and an input force of 1000N ?

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