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It starts with the letter 'v'

Brian Hodge

Revision of key words learnt in Diction and Speech

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  7 8                

4.a person that does not eat meat or dairy products
6.hot air with a small amount of water that is similar to steam
8.to damage or destroy buildings in a bad way
9.medicine that helps to cure people that are very sick with desease or poison
11.a thin piece of material used to cover a womans face
12.a bone in your back that is part of your spine
14.to create and imagine a situation in your mind
15.describes the speed that an object travels at
16.a name given to a female fox
1.this is what you have under your skin and carries blood around your body
2.watches, walllets, jewellery are examples of these
3.a poor person who has no home and lives on the street
4.a long,high bridge over a valley that a train or vehicles can travel on
5.a word used to describe rats or mice
7.wanting to punish somone who hurt you.... a pay-back
8.can be used in many different situations
9.a person who has a fear of standing in high places
10.an alcoholic drink made from wine
13.a poison that a snake has when it bites you
14.a very bright colour such as red or orange

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