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Words to Know

Reed Hylka

Words to know for chapter 7

1 2 3
4                           5                        
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      9   10

4.Using computers to produce small quantities of a variety of different items.
6.When certain products are mass produced over a limited period of time.
8.Making large quanties of a product on assembly lines using interchangeable parts.
11.Parts that are made exactly like on another.
12.When products are specially made for customers.
1.Using computers to aid in the manufacturing of a part.
2.When unique features are added.
3.Using computers to link all areas of a company together.
5.Programming computers to automatically control a machine's operations.
7.Using computers to assist in the creation of a design.
9.Meetings in which workers discuss production problems.
10.An arrangement by which each worker does a single operation in assembling the product as it is passed along.

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