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The Word Became Flesh

Sunday School 3/4/2012

Bible Background • JOHN 1:1-14 Printed Text • JOHN 1:1-14 Devotional Reading • ISAIAH 40:21-26

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4.Believers are born of _____ (John 1:13)
5.Jesus was in the world but the world did not _____ Jesus (John 1:10)
7.The same was in the _______ with God (John 1:2)
8.In the beginning was the _______ (John 1:1)
10.God is ______ in power (Isaiah 40:26).
11.and the darkness ______ it not (John 1:5)
14.Isaiah said the inhabitants of the earth were like ______ (Isaiah 40:22)
15.Isaiah suggest that God would use this to destroy the lofty (Isaiah 40:24)
18.______ him was not any thing made that was made John 1:3)
19.the word was made ____ (John 1:14)
20.The first three words of John are also the first three words of this book (John 1:1)
1.The author of e book of John (John 13:23; 19:26; 21:7, 20)
2.The man sent by God (John 1:6) (3 Words)
3.Jesus came to his people but they did not _____ him (John 1:11)
6.According to Isaiah, God brings them to nothing Isaiah 40:23)
9.The light of Jesus is for every man that comes into the ______ (John 1:9)
12.He is the light (John 1:4-9) (2 Words)
13.To receive power from Jesus you must ______ (John 1:12)
16.John was not the ______ (John 1:8)
17.John was sent to bear ______ to the light (John 1:7)

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