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Battle of the Books

Zoe Bredeweg

Dedicated to the wonderfull Pants on Llamas

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3.In which book does a character get a picture they drew put up on their classrooms wall
8.In which book does a character walk down a street, and get punched in the face, handed a napkin, and handed food by strangers
11.In which book does trying brocoli cause a character to vomit
12.In which book are dead baby chickens picked up off the ground
13.In which book does a characters boss end up in the emergency room after a horse-riding accident
15.In which book is a carwash held as a fundraiser
1.In which book does a character get paid for doing a job in food
2.In which book is the door of a schools library blown up
4.In which book does the type of bug "solder termites" used to save a life
5.In which book do four humans sleep in a house with only one room
6.In which book does a is a tire helpfull to a character while they are practicing a sport
7.In which book does character quite their job after being diagnosed with cancer
9.In which book is a breed of animal fed metal
10.In which book does a character purposely mispronounce another character’s name frequently?
14.In which book does a character receive a tiara as a present

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