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English Language Month

Sekolah Rendah Islam (SRI) At Taqwa

Answer all questions and submit before end of this week.

Name: ____________________________________________

Year/Class : __________________________

2         3 4
6   7     8 9              
10                 11
  12       13   14     15      
18 19       20   21  
23         24    

2.Plural for women
7.The synonym of unhappy
9.Farah is wearing her ... because it is raining.
10.The antonym of find
12.Without this sense, roses wouldn't be as popular.
15.The queen wears a diamond crown on her ...
16.The antonym of dark
17.Plural for goose
20.With this body part, we can smell.
22.The antonym of noisy
23.This sense keeps your eyes busy.
24.A young of lion is called ...
25.An elephant has a long ...
1.The number of senses we have.
2.plural for wife.
3.The old man walks ...
4.The rabbit sleeps confortably in its ...
5.My mother is cooking in the ...
6.The calf is a young ...
7.The synonym of talk
8.The ... circle the sky before crashing into the river.
11.A female horse is called ...
13.The antonym of heavy
14.9th in words.
16.The antonym of above
18.Plural for foot.
19.Clothes dry quickly on a ... day.
21.The lemon is very ...

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