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History of SE Asia

Pg 810-813

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9         10            
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    14             15

1.This religion spread along the trade routes. 12th
6.Populations increased because of ____________ rice harvests. 2nd
7.If you got in the way of one of these during battle you might be sent flying through the air. 9th
8.He helped fight the French to gain independence for Vietnam. 17th
9.Countries gained _______ in the SE Asia after the defeat of Japan in WW II. 16th
11.These ________ or storage pools were used to help irrigate rice fields. 7th
14.After the decline of the Khmer Empire this group came in and kicked butt. 8th
16.What ancient city drew the Chinese to SE Asia? 3rd
17.One of the countries to colonize in the region. 15th
18.The name of a volcanic island people would have lived on thousands of years ago. 1st
19.One of the religions adopted from India. 5th
2.The countries that changed to capitalists practices had economies that improved greatly in the 1990s giving them the names ______ ______. 19th.
3.What European country conquered Malacca? 13th
4.These led to contact with India and China. 4th
5.One of the busiest straits that would have been fought over for its wealth. 6th
10.The Western Powers ________ or took advantage of the regions resources. 14th
12.One of the trade products from China. See Map 10th
13.The U.S. was engaged in a war in this country to try and stop the spread of communism. 18th
15.one of Mr. Morgans favorite exports from the region? Closer Look 11th

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