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Harry Potter

A Harry Potter Fan

Do you know your spells? Are you the greatest Gryffindor, the smartest Slytherin, the helpful Hufflepuff, or the right Ravenclaw?

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3.The former Slytherin student who later became the Dark Lord [9] (2 Words)
5.Located behind a wall in the cellars of Hogwarts [16] (2 Words)
8.The Transfiguration Professor, later the headmaster at Hogwarts [10]
13.The charm that makes the target fly [18] (2 Words)
18.One of Harry and Ginny's sons [17] (3 Words)
19.The forest where Voldemort supposedly 'kills' Harry [15] (2 Words)
20.The most powerful wand known to wizard [9] (2 Words)
1.The ginger friend of Harry and the sixth son of Molly Weasley [10] (2 Words)
2.A Dark Wizard who is known to have a crush on Voldemort [18] (2 Words)
4.The house - elf who becomes free in The Chamber of Secrets [5]
6.The founder of Gryffindor [15] (2 Words)
7.One of Harry's best friends and now a member of the Ministery of Magic [15] (2 Words)
9.The wearer will become invisible as long as it is kept on [17] (2 Words)
10.Makes light from the tip of the caster's wand [5]
11.A Slytherin student and also the son of the dark wizard Lucius [11] (2 Words)
12.Used to bring back loved ones from the dead [16] (2 Words)
14.The Killing Curse, used mostly by Voldemort [12] (2 Words)
15.The main character and 'The Boy who Lived' [10] (2 Words)
16.A cobbled wizarding alley [11] (2 Words)
17.An object which has a bit of Voldemort's soul embedded in [7]

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