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6.01 Shopping

Personal Finance

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2.sells goods and services for specialized purposes (2 Words)
10.sale goes to the highest bidder, buying goods as is without a warranty (2 Words)
13.guarantees certain quality standards of performance from service providers (2 Words)
14.a total expected cost in writing for performing a service
15.sells a variety of goods and services in a single store (2 Words)
20.buying the same brand of cereal every week, shopping every friday (2 Words)
21.obtains goods from suppliers to sell to retailers
22.buying goods and services on the Internet, including internet auctions
1.salesperson comes to home, either by invitation or not (4 Words)
3.sells used merchandise at reduced prices (2 Words)
4.being able to depend on a person or business to back up their claims
5.shopper calls on telephone to buy goods listed in a catalog (2 Words)
6.buying on the spur of the moment, without planning (2 Words)
7.sells certain lines of merchandise at below-average prices (2 Words)
8.a guarantee that a product will perform up to specified standards (2 Words)
9.seller calls on telephone to sell goods or services
11.obtains goods from wholesalers to sell to consumers (2 Words)
12.offers price advantages and wide product selection to its members (2 Words)
16.legally binding papers signed by all parties in an agreement
17.shopping in response to ads on television
18.offers gently used clothing, clothes, furniture, jewelry, music, videos (2 Words)
19.gives authority to a service provider to perform services (2 Words)

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