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Verbs in metaphors


Revision of vocabulary

4 5                
7         8      

5.The gates finally opened and the crowd xxx into the concert arena.
7.He tried to be stern but his heart xxx when his little daughter burst into tears.
9.Cais de Sodre is always xxx with people at 8.30 am on week days.
10.There was an accident on the A5 and we xxx all the way from the Stadium to Lisbon.
11.You really have to xxx your way onto the underground at rush hour.
1.The lights changed and the car xxx to a halt.
2.The band's new album xxx a string of hit singles.
3.As the debate went on, tempers began to xxx.
4.She's like a butterfly, she xxx in and out of people's lives.
5.The children squealed in delight when they saw the presents.
6.Ambulances raced by with sirens xxx.
7.The lorry careered into the crowd, xxx down everyone in front of it.
8.All the buildings in Alcantara are xxx by the 25 de Abril bridge.

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