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Map Words

Think back to all the things you know about maps and then try to solve this puzzle. You may work with a partner.

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2.The direction pointing upwards on a compass rose
4.the number and letter squares on a map
5.an instrument that shows direction
6.a drawing that shows part or all of the earth's surface
8.something that stands for or represents something on a map
9.the name or brief description of what is represented on a map
10.explains the symbols used on a map
12.The space between two places; how far it is from one place to another
14.bodies of water are normally shown as this colour
15.the city in which the government of Canada or of one of the provinces is located
16.An imaginary line separating two countries
1.the four main directions of the compass are formally known as ______.
3.Where something is; position or place
7.one of the 10 main political divisions of Canada
11.there are 3 of these areas in Northern Canada
13.a ratio which compares a measurement on a map to the actual distance between 2 identified locations

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