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6.01 Advertising

Personal Finance

1 2
3                           4    
6 7             8
  11                             12  
    14 15                
  16           17

3.trying to associate with home and family (2 Words)
5.an agency that regulates advertising to ensure that ads are fair and accurate (3 Words)
7.graphics or symbols that represent a company, used to identify products
11.retailer advertises a product, hoping to persuade customers to buy another product at higher price; customer told the bait product is sold out (3 Words)
13.new merchandise selling at a price that will increase after initial offer (2 Words)
14.associating products with behaviors that contradict societal norms
18.advertising a sale price that is actually no better than everyday price (2 Words)
19.message that if you use this product you will fit in with this group (2 Words)
20.attempting to sell a product by convincing consumers that everyone is rushing to use this product; peer approval
21.a message that, if you use this product, you will stand out from the crowd
22.positive comments by famous person, about product or service
23.item priced below retailer’s costs to attract customers to a store (2 Words)
1.implying prices are below retail value or lower than at other stores (2 Words)
2.customer must buy an item to get the free gift (5 Words)
4.seller claims a product works better; better than what? (2 Words)
6.catchy songs/rhymes to help consumers remember products (3 Words)
8.associating a product with a desirable style of living
9.playing on fears of consumers, use this shampoo so no embarrassing dandruff (2 Words)
10.extra charges not clearly disclosed (2 Words)
12.exaggerated claims or descriptions intended to increase a product’s reputation or appeal; seller represents product as being larger, greater or better than it really is
15.associating products with beautiful, adventurous settings to create the illusion of escape
16.product makes you this beautiful (2 Words)
17.statement of support for a product from a person other than the advertiser

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