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5.the space in the back of the oral cavity where food passes into the pharynx
7.roof of the mouth
10.a think sticky fluid found in the joints of bones providing nourishments and lubrication
11.the temporary paralisis of the muscles of one side of the face
15.oval structures located in the dorsal surface of the tongue that provide our sense of taste
16.oval structures located in the dorsal surface of the tongue that provide our sense of taste
17.an open sore, usually inflamed and painful, that forms on tissue
18.a small, solid, raised area of skin less then 1/2 inch diameter
19.any red patch of tissue in the oral cavity that cannot be associated with inflammation
20.most common from of skin cancer
23.dentist who specializes in the nature, diagnosis, and control of dental diseases
24.shallow linear grooves that radiate from the developmental groove
28.a diminutive, peg-shaped crown with a smooth surface lacking contact on the mesial and distal surfaces
29.a benign tumor of connective tissue cells, a reactive heperplasia rather than a true neoplasm
32.small, curved lines running parallel to the CEJ near the gingival area of the labial of the crown of a tooth.
34.also known as meniscus, it is a dense, fibrous connective tissue that is thicker at the ends attached
35.malignant leukoplakia of the hard palate
36.the wing of the nose or outer edge of the nostril
37.causes of diseases
38.the union of two triangular ridges produces a single ridge of elevation across the occlusal surface
39.a condition first appearing on the lower leg or ankle and then appearing in the oral cavity
40.natural teeth in position
1.a benign lesion of squamous epithelium tissue resembling a cauliflower appearance
2.the reddish portion of the lips
3.an abnormal growth that can be malignant or benign, a tumor
4.in permanent dentition located after the canine are the first and second premolars
6.located within the tongue and are responsible for shaping the tongue during speech, mastication, and swallowing
8.lower arch in the dentition
9.a condition due to vitamin b deficiency causing inflammation of the tongue
12.a cancer of the squamous epithelium usually found in adults 40 years or older
13.the spreading of a carcinoma
14.trauma to a minor salivary gland resulting in a bubble on the inside of the lip
21.upper arch in the dentitin
22.painful ulcers that appear in the oral cavity, and circular lesion appears with a yellow center and red halo surrounding
25.arises fromt he nasal part of the frontal bone, from the frontal process of the maxilla in front of the lacrimal groove
26.the period when primary teeth and permanent teeth are in the dentition lasting from approximately six to twelve years of age
27.shed from the oral cavity
30.weakenining and extension of the blood vessels in the oral cavity beneath the tongue primarily seen the elderly
31.fungal infection of candidiasis in children, appearing as a thick, white covering over the oral membrane
33.a disease or disorder that has no known cause

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