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World Tourism: Where in the world?


Read the comments from the 'Tourists' and identify the country they are describing.


2.This is the crossroads between Europe and Asia. I love to go sailing round the coast and to imagine what it was like in ancient times when the Trojans fought the Greeks and the Ottomans and conquered Constantinople.
4.It's a huge a exciting country with an ancient history and the most modern cities in the world. I like that combination.
7.Arriving and travelling here are no problem as the trains are always on time. Remember to pack your Lederhosen for the Beer festivals.
8.This is the home of global culture. I love the buzz of the big cities especially the gambling haven built in the middle of the desert.
9.Its easy to get to from Orange County, California where I live and I can make myself understood because a lot of people speak Spanish in my home town. I like the food and the music and my dollars go a long way.
1.I've been coming here to the Black Sea since I was a kid and we were all part of the same country. It's so much warmer than Moscow and nearly everyone speaks Russian.
3.A unique country full of history, the birth place of the Roman Empire. I love the ice cream. Ciao.
5.I'm from Germany so it's easy to get to by car or train. I love its food a culture. It is also so romantic in the spring
6.Whe I go skiing in the Sierra Nevada I can see the coast of Africa from this country. And I can drive down the coast and be swimming the same day. Perfect!
8.Holidays here require an umbrella 'just in case'! Rolling green countryside or a trip to see the Queen at the palace are just two of the many activities you can do in this country.

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