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Business Management

Salote Mafi Lanivia

Management of staff in small business.

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1.The process of attracting qualified job applicants (by using advertisements, websites, employment agencies and word of mouth) from which to select the most appropriate person for a special job..
4.A law made by parliament.
7.When a family member is favoured for a position .
13.Filling job vacancies with present employees rather than seeking outside the business.
15.Filling job vancies with people outside the the business.
16.A summary of a person's previous employment experience.
17.A systematic study of each employee's duties tasks and work environment.
18.A written statement describing the employee's duties, and the tasks and responsibilities associalted with the job.
19.All stages in the process of employing staff, from initial planning through recruitment, selection, induction, performance management and eventual termination of employment.
2.When the interviewer does not have a set of prepared questions and the interviewee does most of the talking.
3.When an interviewer asks a series of prepared questions based on the job specification.
5.Gathering information about each applicant for a position, then using that information to choose the most appropriate applicant.
6.Measures taken to eliminate discrimination and to implement positive steps to overcome current and historical lack of equal opportunity.
8.Those who have an employment contract of indefinite duration.
9.Those who are employed on a contract for a specific period.
10.When an employee is dismissed for discrimination reason.
11.A system by which contributions are mr retirement.ade to a fund which will provied benfits to an employment afte
12.The Development of strategies to meet the business's future human resource needs.
14.Those who have contracts with employers for short-term, irregular or seasonal work.

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