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Arrays in Java

Catherine Wyman

Vocab from chapter 6

  3 4
5           6          
9                     10 11              
  13             14  
15   16         17            
      18                     19
          22     23          
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    27     28      
30                             31    

2.for a large sorted list, this sort is efficient
5.error that results from bad language
6.a binary search can only operate on this type of list
7.most methods are this
8.for a large list, the insertion sort is this
9.the automatic wrapping of primitive types in wrapper classes.
10.fixing errors
13.step-by-step process that solves a problem
15.for a large list, the sequential search is this
18.in the Collections API
21.two-dimensional arrays in Java are
22.methods that return a boolean
24.using helper methods (2 Words)
27.processing a two-dimensional array requires this type of loop
29.a class that doesn't use other classes
30.the binary search uses this approach
32.described the inheritance relationship
1.try to access an array element beyond the end of the length of the array
3.the name of the "has-a" relationship
4.the name for a dummy method
5.the method to determine the length of an ArrayList
11.combining data and the methods in a class
12._______ classes give the programmer prepackaged data structures and the methods to manipulate them.
14.making data private in a class implements information _______
16.run-time error thrown by Java method
17.an object whose sole purpose is to traverse a collection.
19.arrays can contain objects and _________ data.
20.helper methods are always this
23.the class used to test others
25.when passing an array to a method, it is passed by __________.
26.collections classes are _______ with type parameters denoted by <E>.
28.number of subscripts to access an element in a two-dimensional array
31.the type of diagram used to show relationships

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