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Name:_________________________________ Period:____________

Elements of Fitness

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1.____________ Time : Ability to respond quickly to what you hear, see, or feel
5.How the body moves based on time (fast or slow), force (hard or soft), and flow (bound or free)
7.Range of motion of your joints that allows you to bend and stretch easily
8.Ability to move your body quickly
10.Rules of fair play making games more fun and safe
12.Equalizing your weight to hold a position
15.Muscular _____________: Maximum force a muscle can do in one movement
16.___________ Heart Rate: Exercising heart rate to strengthen your heart and lungs so you do not tire as easily
18.Using 2 or more body parts together in a sequential order
20.In the FITT program, how often you should exercise
2.In the FITT program, how hard you exercise
3.Absence of disease, proper sleep and nutrition, adequate physical activity, no substance abuse, etc
4.Comparing fat to muscle
6.In the FITT program, amount of minutes spent exercising (minimum 30min/day)
9.Muscle strength and speed
11.Muscular ______________: Ability to use a muscle repeatedly without getting tired
13.____________ Heart Rate: Pulsations from the heart for a minute when inactive for a long period of time
14.Speed and Change of Direction
17.____________ Heart Rate: The ability of the body to return near the resting heart rate after vigorous exercise
19.Kind of exercise

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