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Word, Excel, PPT, Internet Features


Words, Excel, PPT, Internet & Features

1 2 3
  4                   5
  6 7                      
    8   9         10  
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    21                 22         23
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4.The black box, located to the bottom right of the cell.
7.When a person press the right mouse button, it will reveal.
9.The bar where the Start button is located.
11.Rapidly pressing and releasing the left mouse button twice.
12.How each object enters on the slide, during the slide show.
13.The mouse and keyboard is a(n) ___ device
15.The part of the computer system that allows you to connect to the Internet.
16.A wavy red line under words.
19.Back, Forward, Beginning, End buttons are examples of ...
20.A dot or symbol that marks an important line of information or designates items in a list.
21.A device that allow you to save all your work.
22.Change the location of the file or change a file name.
25.Can be linked to another slide or document.
26.A clipart that moves during the slide presentation is call an __ clipart.
27.Another name for Jump drive.
28.This function allows us to find the Average in Excel.
1.This part of the computer system allow you to save your work and programs.
2.Title slide, Title and Content, and Two Content are examples of...
3.How slides move on and off the presentation show in fancy motions
4.Press this key to run the slide show
5.Identify by a number.
6.It is identify by a letter.
8.An empty box that contains preset text formats to make entering text easier. You will see this in PPT
10.The position of text in relation to the left and right page margins, or position on the page.
14.The part of the computer system that looks like a box.
17.The amount of white space between lines of text in a paragraph.
18.This function allows us to find the Total in Excel.
23.The first step you should take when you want to change the font size, bold or underline.
24.The Intersection of a Column and a Row.

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